A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Tiny Houses — Not a Big Enough Solution

From city to city, what we keep hearing is “tiny houses! tiny houses!”—but we shouldn’t have to scale down the idea of basic economic security to fit inside the dimensions of a tiny house.




New book from Buy Nothing Project expands on gift economy philosophy

The Buy Nothing Project is a local gift economy concept executed through a collection of independent Facebook groups across the country.




This Neighborhood in Germany Shows Us Why American Planned Communities are So Abysmal

Quartier Vauban in Freiberg, Germany seems to be everything that planned neighborhoods in North America are not.



How to ease the US housing crisis

 ...import strategic policy from abroad





How a Bogota community turned their grim neighborhood into a stunning piece of art


Local graffiti artists and hundreds of neighbors have turned one of the poorest neighborhoods in Colombia’s capital Bogota into arguably the most colorful “barrio” in the country.








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