A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest


Want to patrol your neighborhood and go on stakeouts?

The LAPD needs 5,000 volunteers.



The next egg: Investing our retirement savings in our local communities

Together, we could unleash millions of dollars of capital into enterprises and organizations benefiting our own communities.



7 Rules for Creating "15-Minute Neighborhoods"

A 15-minute neighborhood is a neighborhood in which you can access all of your most basic, day-to-day needs within a 15-minute walk of your home. It is also sometimes called a complete neighborhood.




How to Become More Attached to Your Neighborhood or City

While it takes time and intentionality to pivot toward the places that we live in, we can trust that, when we do, a meaningful connection will be cultivated. 




Living in Walkable Cities Predicts Success of ‘American Dream’

New research from the University of Virginia finds children who are raised in walkable cities are more likely to climb the economic ladder, earning more than their parents did at similar points in their lives.





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