A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest



Is the End of the Single-Family Neighborhood Near?

Examined is the trend of major cities allowing their neighborhoods to evolve beyond the suburban form.




In Oregon: The middle isn’t missing any more

Oregon became the first state in the nation to comprehensively bar local governments from imposing exclusive single-family residential zoning, and to effectively open up nearly all residentially zoned land to duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.




5 Insights About Walkable Urban Places

Mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods have enduring appeal, are more financially productive than auto-oriented places… and we still don’t allow nearly enough of them to be built.



Why building walkable cities is the key to economic success

New report Foot Traffic Ahead finds walkable urbanism isn’t just sustainable and enjoyable, but more profitable




Emotions flare as Portland, long friendly to neighborhoods, weighs gutting their powers

As it gets more expensive to live in Portland, officials have been pondering: What to do when the city’s vaunted neighborhood associations seem to act more like swank homeowner associations?






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