A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest



What Petty Nextdoor Posts Reveal About America

The hyperlocal social-media platform highlights small grievances—and proves that  neighbors have more in common than they think.





Civic Space: Creating Community

Public space, or as many urbanists refer to it, civic space, sets the stage for community building




In East Portland, Trying To Build Community In A Planner's Nightmare

Portland is known as a hub of smart urban planning. But parts of the city remain sprawling, messy and distinctly unfriendly to pedestrians and bike riders. They tend to be neighborhoods and communities that are poorer and more diverse.



Residents fight Seattle rules allowing apartment developers to forgo parking

A proposal for an apartment complex without parking in Phinney Ridge has generated pushback from residents who say that’s unrealistic. Officials, meanwhile, say they are crucial as the city grows.




Why Walkable Streets are More Economically Productive

3 dollars and cents arguments that definitively prove the need for people-oriented, walk-friendly places.





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