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8 Ways to Engage Your Community During Challenging Times

 Spending time together energizes, connects, and unites us. Here are eight ways to engage your community, find common ground, and move beyond differences.




Ready to roost: Residents settle in at Anchorage 'cohousing' community

It all started with a book. One day Mary Miner was browsing the shelves at the Title Wave bookstore when she stumbled upon a book about cohousing. Intrigued by the concept, she contacted the book's author, Chuck Durrett, who eventually flew up to give a talk about cohousing at the Anchorage Museum.






Adult friendships and the future of our communities

Forging new relationships as an adult — the ones we characterize as genuine friendships — is simply more difficult in places that aren’t particularly walkable and where participation in one’s surroundings requires a car most of the time.





How a British Library is Fighting Loneliness with a Public Living Room

One library in Blackpool, England is using its space to fight loneliness and isolation on a very human scale—by creating a public living room.








The Neighborhood Veto and the 'Missing Middle'

Community resistance may explain why smaller apartment buildings are hard to build.









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