A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest



Neighborhood Plazas and the Power of Play


You don’t need to build a park in order to provide neighborhood recreation opportunities. Many urban groups are working to create plazas by making minor alterations to existing space. The benefits to young and old are manifold.




Little Free Winnipeg Libraries


More encouraging news from the free library front. Little book exchange kiosks not only promote more reading but more neighborly interaction.




Book Report:  Happy City


In Happy City, Transforming Our Lives through Urban Design by Charles Montgomery, the author presents a refreshing perspective of cities as urban laboratories, where social equitability can be achieved through relatively low-cost redesigning.”




The End of Neighbours


There is new data to suggest that our sense of neighborly interconnectedness may actually be waning. Furthermore, it may be linked to health issues, including diminished longevity.





Great Places


Compiled by the American Planning Association, is this list and descriptions of great neighborhoods, great streets and great public places.







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