A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest




Things That Should Never Be in Driving Distance


The author suggests that there are some services just too basic to be out of walking distance from anyone.






San Francisco’s Healthy Corner Store Movement


A convenience store is not necessarily a healthy store. A group of neighborhood activists has found ways of teaching existing shop owners to provide more healthy alternatives while alerting the community as to why they should be taking advantage of them.






Why I Love Public Art


The author notes the unifying power of public art plus it’s tendency to slow down our pace and give more attention to our surroundings and the events of present time.




How Green is My Neighborhood? Let Me Count the Ways


Many green rating tools have been developed specifically for neighborhoods. A number of them are herein reviewed.





The Case for Neighborhood Bars...and Why Planning is Like Cooking


A bar is not simply an amenity, but an essential ingredient to complete the cohesiveness of our neighborhoods.






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