A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021


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Neighborhood Improvement – Items of Interest




One of Baltimore's Most Beautiful Neighborhoods is Dying



Teetering neighborhoods … should recognize a relatively simple reality. Urban neighborhoods with retail, restaurants, and businesses are doing better. Millennials and empty nesters are coming to urban neighborhoods, but they are not likely to pick yours if there is nothing to do.




Is This The Most Sustainable Neighborhood In The U.S.?    



A new neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, Washington, has all the aspects of a resilient community--like net zero homes, community gardens, and car sharing--built in from the beginning.




We Need More Driving-Optional Neighborhoods


 The current near-exclusive emphasis in the US environmental community on mode shifts (from driving to transit, or to walking or bicycling) misses the biggest opportunity of all to reduce vehicle miles traveled:  shortening driving distances through better land use.




12 Steps Toward a Better Neighborhood

Steps that a neighborhood organization can take to best assure their effectiveness at reaching the goal of creating a better neighborhood.




Plazas, Parklets and Bike Corrals on the Way


 Communities can transform underused areas of L.A.’s largest public asset—our 7,500 miles of city streets— into active, vibrant, and accessible public space with People Street, a program of the City of Los Angeles


















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