A Neighborhood Improvement Journal - Summer 2021

About Neighborhood Life

Neighborhood Life is a registered non-profit organization, established to provide support and useful information to those who work to promote the well being of neighborhoods. Our primary means of attaining this goal is the periodic publication of the Neighborhood Life online journal. We also sponsor other educational endeavors related to issues of geographic, place-based community including supplemental publications, classes and seminars.

Those of us involved in the founding and nurturing of this organization believe that participation in the betterment of our neighborhoods may readily produce measurable positive effects in terms of livability and resident satisfaction. Beyond that, it often allows you to significantly enhance the quality of your own community life while experiencing the camaraderie of neighbors who share your dreams and aspirations. We would thus like to encourage and assist others interested in neighborhood involvement who might reap similar benefits for their communities as well as for themselves. The process, however, of launching and maintaining successful neighborhood projects often involves substantial efforts at wheel re-invention. Novice neighborhood boosters could spend weeks or months just designing a strategy for the development of a mini park, while those who have been down that road could help them launch such a project much more efficiently. We are intending, then, to facilitate a collaborative network, sharing experiences and knowledge among people with similar dreams and ambitions regarding betterment of their communities.

No explanation of our own motivations and ambitions would be complete without acknowledgement of the work of many who have gone before us. Anyone interested in the potential of community life could find support in the numerous activists, writers and scholars who have given us encouragement and practical ideas. A common experience among the founders of Neighborhood Life is having felt the inspiration of author Jane Jacobs. Having walked the streets and passed on knowledge and insights, she was, and continues to be, a beacon for those of us seeking life enhancement through community involvement. Finally, our ultimate inspiration has been the observation of our actual neighbors who, without benefit of social theory or government sponsorship just go out there and do things to improve neighborhood life. It might be working to maintain a local mini-park or helping with a neighborhood clean-up or keeping one's own home or apartment building attractive or supporting neighborhood merchants. We see what you're doing and we want to help by being a forum for you to share your story, to ask questions of knowledgeable others, to make connections between your work and work going on in other communities and, hopefully, by providing a degree of inspiration.



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